The ITST has been serving the tennis gaming community since the release of the original Top Spin game, released in 2003. Operating virtual tennis tours on several platforms, in parallel with the real ATP and WTA Tours - with over 6,000 members worldwide - there is not another tennis tournament host larger, better, or with more experience than the ITST.

ITST currently has 7403 (100 PC Tennis Elbow 2011, 980 Playstation 3 Top Spin 4, 783 XBox360 Top Spin 4, 590 Playstation 3 Top Spin 3, 701 XBox360 Top Spin 3, 823 XBox360 Top Spin 2, 2008 PC Top Spin, 506 PC Top Spin 2, 78 PC Full Ace Tennis, 334 PC Dream Match Tennis) members and is currently hosting 4984 tournaments. 4938 of them already played, 17 currently in progress.

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Ronnie from 2K Sports

“There are few communities as professional or as passionate as the ITST community. This is where the greatest Top Spin players come to talk and challenge each other for bragging rights."


“The International Top Spin Tour (ITST) is a place for Top Spin fanatics to congregate and compete. The simultaneous action with professional tournaments attracts an energized fan base of avid gamers, as well as fans of the sport itself. They have a professional attitude and a passion for the game that keeps players coming back."


“A very professional site which is free to enter. An absolute recommendation!”

“The ITST is taking the game one step further.”
“The leading online Top Spin competition host.”

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